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22 Cool Cat Holiday Cards: Christmas, Valentines, Parent Days & More!

orange cat in christmas sweater

A card can be one of the most sentimental gifts one can give. Each giving you the opportunity to be silly, heartfelt, or celebratory. No matter the holiday, you should be able to express yourself with ease – and this usually stems from choosing the perfect holiday card. Now, whether you are a cat lover yourself, or are shopping for someone who is a feline fanatic, we have curated a list of ideas that will set your card game apart from the rest of the world. 

From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day to Easter – we have the ultimate selection. So get ready to explore an array of brilliant card ideas! 

Christmas Cat Cards 

1. Tree is Company?

A Christmas tree made entirely of cats? Sounds like a Christmas miracle for any cat lover.

2. Going Ornamental?

Keeping your cat out of your tree and away from the ornaments is a relatable issue for all cat owners. Let your peers know you understand their struggles with this playful card idea.

3. Holiday Cheer!

Grumpy cat has opened pandora’s box when it comes to hilarious and cynical cat jokes. This is a fun take on the feline treasure of the world, Grumpy Cat.

4. Denial 101

In true cat fashion, wreak havoc and blame the dog.

5. When a Kitten is the Ulitmate Christmas Gift

There is nothing quite as adorable as a kitten in a Santa cat. Try your cat at drawing a portrait of your loved one’s kitty and recreate this adorable card. 

Valentines Day Cat Cards 

6. A Card for that Special Someone

Tell your crush how you really feel with this adorable card.

7. Simply Lovely

A card you could give to your cat. Or a card you could give to someone to show them how much your cat loves them. Both great!

8. For the Cat Lady in your life

Tell your feline-obsessed friend how much you love them with this genius idea.

9. For the Lovebirds

This option is a great idea for your spouse or significant other.

10. Card that comes with a gift

The slot cut in the center provides a sleeve to add in a little treat. Candy and a pun? It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

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Mother’s Cat Cards 

11. Printable Mothers Day Card

It doesn’t get much easier than a card you can simply print out and customize.

12. Who Owns Who?

Say Happy Mother’s Day to the lady in your life who is ruled by her whiskered wonder.

13. Cats Are Children!

You can’t forget that it’s Mother’s Day for the cat moms in your life!

14. Purrfect Mom Card

Tell your mom how great you think she is with this furry delight.

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Father’s Day Cat Cards 

15. Chow Time!

A hilarious idea if the cat dictates the feeding schedule around your house.

16. Purrfect Dad Card

A funny card you can give to your papa when he makes sure the cat is living its best life.

17. To All the Skin Dad’s

From feline to cat dad – complete with a silly joke that is likely to come from any proud cat dad.

18. Coolest of Cats

Give your dad the best compliment with a joke from his very own handbook of cheesy jokes.

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Easter Cat Cards  

19. Just a cat and his chicks

This post gives a few adorable ideas of how chicks and kitties can be the best of friends.

20. Keep It Cute

If you are crafty, creating something equally as cute as this card idea should come naturally.

21. Cat Schemers

Always up to something – show your Easter card recipient that you’re onto their kitty schninigans.

22. Jumping Cat Card

Cat’s are known to be just as springy as bunny rabbits so a casual animal replacement on the front of your card would be appropriate!

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Choosing the Right Holiday Cat Card  

Each of the cards listed above gives you a fairly good idea of where to start if you are looking to create your own hilarious holiday cat card. The recipient will appreciate the time and effort that went into creating something on your own. If you arent of the craft variety, you can always purchase a cat card online. You might even be able to design your own! 

If all else fails, snapping a photo of you and your cats, and slapping that on the face of your card in true crazy cat lady form is always a fun and reliable go-to. 

If you have created or received fun cards for your friends and family in the past, feel free to share the ideas you loved the most in the comments!

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Feature Image Credit: GolubaPhoto, Shutterstock