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11 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy


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We all want our beloved pets to be happy. However, that can sometimes be a bit harder than it first looks. It can be difficult to read our cat’s emotions sometimes. Often, it can be even harder to tell what makes them happy and what doesn’t.

The things that make our cats happy are often the simplest. Let’s take a look at some of the ways our cats can stay contented and happy.

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1. Exercise

Our cats were made to hunt and roam around for hours each day. At home, they often don’t have the need to do this. Their food is provided to them, and there is a limited amount of room to roam around. This often means they’re lying around more than they should. This can lead to too much pent-up energy, which can lead to misbehavior and a frustrated cat.

One of the easiest ways you can make your feline happy is to keep them entertained and exercised. There are all sorts of toys out there that can be used to encourage your cat to move. Many of these can be played with independently, but some require human input. For extra energy expenditure, you can invest in a few battery-driven toys that respond to your cat’s touch.

2. Mental Stimulation Counts Too

We all know that our cats’ bodies need exercise. However, their minds need to be stretched as well. This can be hard to do when our cats are exposed to the same things day after day. Puzzle toys can be helpful for this purpose. These toys usually involve hiding food inside some puzzle, which your feline then has to figure out how to unlock.

Another easy “puzzle” toy is to freeze teats or yummy liquids into ice cubes. These will keep your cat entertained for a long time while they try to taste what’s inside of it. Leave these puzzle toys around the house for your feline to find. They’ll have to look for the puzzle and then solve it. It will keep your cat entertained for hours.

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Image credit: Nils-Jacobi, Shutterstock

3. Consider a Companion

While cats are primarily solitary creatures, some do like having a companion nearby. If you have the financial capability, you may want to consider purchasing another feline as a companion. There are plenty of cats waiting at shelters.

Of course, not all felines like others. You do need to introduce your cats appropriately if you wish for them to get along. Don’t throw your cats together and expect them to get along. They need to be slowly and carefully introduced to each other.

4. Catnip

Most cats love catnip. It produces scents that are naturally attractive to most cats. It is harmless but pleasurable to most felines. Not all cats are affected by catnip, and some are more likely to be affected than others. If you want to keep your cat stimulated and happy, catnip may be an excellent tool to have in your toolbox.

You can get catnip in dry form, as well as toys that have been pre-stuffed in catnip. They also make a spray form that mists the scent onto toys and cat beds. You can even hide catnip throughout the house, which would add a level of mental stimulation to the whole situation. You can even grow catnip in pots on the windowsill. They’re straightforward plants to take care of.

5. Climbing

Cats are natural climbers as well. All cats are born to climb, and many of them love doing so. Most cats feel more comfortable when they’re up high. You can purchase cat climbing trees, which are specifically made for your feline to climb on. You can also use platforms, which can be set around your house. These can encourage your cat to explore.

It may be best to vary how the climbing things are set up, as this will keep things interested in your cat’s home.

cat climbing
Image Credit: Chewy, Unsplash

6. Leash-Train Your Feline

You can leash-train your feline to make outdoor adventures safer. Many cats can easily be trained on a leash, despite being nothing like dogs. Many felines will adore walking on a leash once they realize the adventures they get to have. You should start with your feline wearing the harness indoors and then move them outdoors when they get the hang of it. After that, the cat should walk on a leash similarly to a dog—but with much less pulling.

Once your cat gets the hang of it, it is pretty easy to walk them around your neighborhood.

7. Build a Catio

If you want your cat to have some outdoor freedom, you can consider using a catio. It isn’t safe just to let your feline roam around outside—for your cat or the native wildlife. However, a catio is a safe place for your feline to enjoy some fresh air. It’s similar to a cat playpen or a fenced-in backyard for your cat. The only difference is that you need to have a roof as well since your cat can climb.

You can purchase premade catios or base the design off of a plan. You may also hire a contractor or just DIY it. Either way, this is an excellent way to keep your cat’s life a bit interesting.

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9. Spay or Neuter Your Feline

Cats that aren’t fixed will have hormonal swings. Similarly to people, many of these hormonal swings make our cats feel frustrated and irritable. It is usually best to fix your feline unless you’re planning on breeding them. This also makes it easier for your cat to enjoy time on a leash and in their catio since they won’t be actively attracting other cats.

If you have a male and female cat, this is necessary.

10. Show Your Cat Plenty of Love!

Domesticated cats love human attention. There is nothing your cat loves more than your attention. If your cat loves to snuggle, give them lots of snuggling. If your cat is relatively active, consider playing with your feline instead.

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Image Credit: Westfale, Pixabay

You should pay attention to your feline every day at least. This will go a long way to keeping your feline happy.

11. Consider Bringing Cat Grass in Your Home

Some cats go nuts for cat grass, while others couldn’t care less. If your feline seems to love cat grass, consider planting some in your home. It is straightforward to take care of and is entirely safe for your felines as well. For this reason, we highly recommend it as another source of stimulation and interest.

You can plant some in different spaces around your home, allowing your feline to “roam.”

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Featured Image: majacvetojevic, Pixabay